Abbas Kiarostami: Doors and memories

Abbas Kiarostami: Doors and memories
Abbas Kiarostami
Ed. Nazar Publishing
Date de publication : 14/06/2017

Film director, screenwriter, and photographer Abbas Kiarostami offers an intriguing and poetic survey of traditional Iranian wooden doors in this series of photographs. Time-worn and weathered, with faded paint and rusted bolts and hinges, the individual doors are all sealed, locked, and secretive. No indication is given as to what kind of space they access, nor is any other architectural context shown in their tightly cropped framing. Some seem long abandoned, with weeds growing over the thresholds, while shiny new padlocks dangle from others, obviously still in daily use. What everyday narratives do the doors express? Who uses them, and to what purpose? (présentation de l'éditeur)

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